„SOUTH BALTIC MANORS – Valorisation of manors for turism develoment in rural areas of the South Baltic area”

The Association of Cities and Communes of the Parseta River Basin is located in the central region of the West Pomerian Voivodeship and covers the area of 4 poviats district and a further associated 19 member municipalities.

The main goal of the Association is to simultaneously resolve problems and conflicts relating to the demands of education, protection of nature and the promotion and continued development of the region. The Parseta river basin is a widely recognized and valued tourist area due to its many unique and fascinating features, boasting outstanding beautiful lakes, the picturesque Parseta river, it’s wide and varied nature and colourful and rich history. These features all combine to create ideal conditions for the promotion of tourism.

The region, like all of Pomerania has seen a great deal of political and social change especially in the aftermath of the Second World War. This is exemplified in the examples of the many historical mansions, palaces and castles located in the area. Having been abandoned by their original owners, and being regarded as post-German property they were neglected and treated without care.

After being looted by the Russian military during and after the war, many were converted into the sites of National State Farms (Państwowych Gospodarstw Rolnych), which lead to the destruction of many original objects and items. The situation began to change after 1990 and a number of these properties were purchased by private buyers willing to restore and renovate these buildings which had witnessed and played important roles in the turbulent history of Western Pomerania.

Today, many find themselves in new roles as hotels, private residences, retirement homes and various foundations and associations. They have now again, as in the past, begun to play an increasingly important role in acting as a positive stimulus for the local community, boosting both economic and social change.

“The South Baltic Manors” project is an initiative implemented by the Association of Cities and Communes of the Parseta River Basin which focusses on the history of the land and the people who once lived here. The remains of the wonderful estates of the von Manteuffel, von Kleist, von, Glassenapp , von Podewills or von Wedel families bear witness to the rich and colourful past of West Pomerania, where the lives and eventual fate of the German families closely intertwined into the lives and activities of the local populace living in this area. It is of great importance to ensure that these historical testimonies of our shared past is preserved and saved from destruction and oblivion.